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This villa, build in the Dutch village Zuidoostbeemster, is fully constructed of our own designed product: EPS-construction system. Both walls and roof are made of wooden framing system (structurally engineered and designed by us), wooden sheeting and EPS150SE, a pressure-resistant insulation. By using these materials we have created a light-weight, but very strong (high load bearing) construction system which can be easily used in the construction industry. Our EPS-construction system is durable, sustainable and environment friendly. All materials can be recycled and re-used.

Assignment | Bartels & Vedder
  • Structural Engineers
  • Development of EPS-construction system
  • 3D BIMĀ  – structural
  • Architectural and Structural drawings

Products | Bartels & Vedder

  • In collaboration with: EPS bouw
  • Status: Completed in 2017


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