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Bartels & Vedder is an interdisciplinary engineering and consultancy agency that is specialised in innovative solutions for the construction, industry and offshore. In mid-2011 Chiel Bartels and Jelle Vedder have decided to join their respective forces to find appropriate answers to existing technical problems. This collaboration has led to a strong team of specialists who use an integrated and interdisciplinary approach and in addition to traditional construction, infrastructure and non-residential construction also serve the areas of offshore and floating. They do this, not only in engineering projects, but also by developing new products and supporting your product- and process developments.

DNR & Conditions

On all activities and tasks that Bartels & Vedder perform and execute the DNR 2011 is applied. The DNR stands for “De Nieuwe Regeling 2011: ‘Rechtsverhouding opdrachtgever – architect, ingenieur en adviseur’”, which in English translates to: “The New Rules 2011, Legal relationship client – architect, engineer and consultant”. This is a standard regulation used between clients and contractors in the building sector, in the field of design, consultancy and management.

The DNR is a joint initiative by the Dutch BNA (Dutch association of architects) and NLingenieurs (Dutch association of consulting engineers).  The most recent edition was released in july 2013.

Read or Download the English version of the DNR 2011 | First revision July 2013.

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