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Product Development and Innovation
Design principles and unique design wishes sometimes require “out-of-the-box” solutions. When traditional products don’t provide the necessary outcome or solution, we engineer and design, together with you, new products that can do the job.

By having a mixed team of engineering specialists (civil, structural, mechanical and architectural) we are able to integrate our different disciplines and look at a problem from broader point of view. This enables us to optimize existing products or to create and design new products. We strongly embrace innovations developed by our industry partners and we support customers and partners in their search for new products and methodologies. We do this in every area and at every phase of the design, build and construction process.

Process innovation
In addition to technical product development we also have the knowledge and experience to assist you in and develop your business processes (like e.g. business plans or production-, implementation-, marketing- or delivery proccesses).

Due to our unique combination of specialisms in our team we are your partner in innovation and all that comes with it.

Products, Techniques and Implementation
One of our most successful inventions and thus products is our own patented HOLCON® framing system: a concrete framing system specifically designed and created for sustainable ‘cradle to cradle’ buildings.

HOLCON®, invented, designed and engineered by Chiel Bartels, can be manufactured in different variations. A standard HOLCON® floor has a height of 70 up to 120 cm (±27 to 47 inches) and can reach a span of up to 30 meters (±100 ft). The floor exists of two concrete planes (top and bottom) that are remotely connected through reinforcement bars. The space in between the two concrete planes can be used to accommodate technical installation and equipment. This space can be reached from either below or above through specific flexible openings in the floor. Adding a separate finishing floor or separate ceiling becomes unnecessary and if required the flooring and ceiling heating system can be placed in the floor planes during production. The whole system is demountable and re-usable

• Long spans possible, up to 30 meter (±100 ft)
• No pouring of concrete at site; all prefab
• High variable loads possible
• Floor system width of 1.20 – 2.40 m (±4 – 8 ft)
• Installations and small equipment in the floor
• Total floor thickness to a minimum, due to unrequired beams
• No ceiling or concrete finishing floor
• Ultimate flexibility in layout due to unrequired load-bearing walls
• Every shape is possible
Short construction period due to dry joints (no use of grout)
• Flooring heating system installed during manufacturing
• Typical construction of up to 10 floors.

Due to the success of HOLCON® we quickly received requests to apply this system for smaller housing projects. For these projects the mini-HOLCON® has been developed. In this system the floor elements have been brought to a total height of 25-30 cm (±10-12 inch) with spans of up to 8 meter (±26 ft). Besides mini-HOLCON® we also received requests to use the system for floating structures and islands. Hence the floating-HOLCON® was developed and recently completed in Malaysia.

All mentioned HOLCON® systems can be executed and arranged in different configurations and are developed and engineered by us for the specific requirements by our clients.

Download our HOLCON® presentation

If you wish to receive more information or if you wish to use our techniques and products, contact us!
You can also reach out to us if require some consultancy and advice for your (upcoming) projects.

Some other recent products / inventions are:
• Floating detachable modular units; ability to build on the water on a large scale
• Floating glass fibre composite basement cellars when weight is an issue
• Ocean Wave Power Station
• Modular prefab way to build with dry concrete techniques; faster construction time
• Spaceframing roof system;
• Special couplings to connect prefab concrete elements into floating buildings
• EPS wall system; durable, lightweight and fast to build
• Holcon highway; Building highways on top of existing highways
• Holcon wood

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