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The modular floating islands is one of Bartels & Vedders own product which is specifically developed for floating districts. A request that arrived from one of our partners in Malaysia, where the availability of land to build upon is becoming more and more scarce. Residing, living and even leisure-activities on the water is becoming more normal and sometimes even necessary.

Due to the rise in this demand and necessity we were approached and asked to engineer and design a fitting solution for this rising problem. A floating island that can safely accommodate whole districts, farms, gardens, big venues or structures.

Looking at Malaysia we had an additional challenge facing us. This challenge was due to the high water fluctuations. The floating island needs to be stable (in balance) when high fluctuations appear and its draught (depth) needs to be kept within a safe margin. In order to reach this we needed to engineered a design having a high structural quality. The fluctuations that we had to work with vary from 15 meter (±50 ft) within a year and 1 meter (±3 ft) within 24 hours during Monsoon.

Due to the engineering mix within our team, we combined our structural and hydraulic expertise to design the final product: a modular floating island based on our own patented Holcon® flooring system. A system strong and rigid and when connected properly, creates a highly flexible island. Our design was used for a 5.000 m² (54.000  sq ft) ferry terminal in Malaysia. At the moment more projects are being developed.

If you wish to use our techniques and products, or if you require some consultancy and advice for your (upcoming) projects, simply contact us!



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