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This floating ferry terminal (approx. 5,000 m²) is situated in the largest reservoir of South-East Asia. Tasik Kenyir (or Kenyir Lake) spans over 260km2, with about 340 small islands, 14 waterfalls and many rapids.

The ferry terminal will be a starting point to the many attractions within the lake and is reachable by a 70 meter long bridge to the mainland. Due to the large area of the terminal and the long bridge towards it, all in combination with large water level fluctuations, we were asked to search and engineer a non-traditional solution.  The water level fluctuations of more than 15 meter  (±50 ft) within a year and 1 meter (±3 ft) within 24 hours during Monsoon, created a big challenge. We therefore decided to engineer and design a full floating island, existing of our patented  HOLCON® floors placed upon to EPS bodies. These floating-HOLCON® were than connected to each, creating a modular floating island.

Assignment | Bartels & Vedder
  • Engineering and design of the floating-HOLCON®, creating the modular floating island
  • Engineering and design of the floating EPS bodies
  • 3D BIM model
  • Drawings for Building permit
  • Drawings for Construction and Production

Products | Bartels & Vedder

Special techniques
  • Modular floating units, seaflex

Project details.



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