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A large scale floating residential area, existing of all floating villas, is arising in the Johan van Hasseltkanaal, a branch of the IJ-canal in Amsterdam, The Netherland. This floating “district”,¬† called Schoonschip, will be the most sustainable floating housing project in Europe which will exist of a total of 30 houses, 46 households and over 100 residents.

A prestigious project, not only due to the high sustainable goals but also due to the high design level. A project full of unique architectural pearls, each designed by different renowned architects. Schoonsghip has reached the Dutch papers and news a couple of times already. According to planning the project will be competed in 2020.

Assignment | Bartels & Vedder
  • Engineering of the floating foundations/cellars of 16 houses
  • Engineering of the mooring piles and construction of 16 houses
  • Engineering of the structural design of 16 houses
  • Determining and engineering the stability and draught (depth) of 16 houses
  • Structural drawings for building permit applications of 16 houses
  • Conceptual structural drawings for construction of 12 houses
  • 3D BIM structural model of 4 houses
  • Shopdrawings (Construction drawings)

Project details.

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