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The Floating Farm is a self-sufficient transparent floating dairy farm where visitors can see the cows and get acquainted with all the processes that take place on the farm.

“The consumer and Floating Farm
In addition to providing a valuable floating platform that can function as an alternative for the scarce availability of land both within our country and outside of it, Floating Farm produces and retails day-fresh food that runs through a closed cycle and ends up at the consumer. This causes almost no waste streams, reduces the length of the logistics chain and enables the consumer to become familiar with healthy, day-fresh products.” – Floating Farm

Assignment | Bartels & Vedder
  • Engineering and design of the floating linkable concrete cellars
  • Determining stability and draught (depth)
  • Engineering of the main load-bearing structure

Speciale techniques | Products | Bartels & Vedder

Project details

www.floatingfarm.nl –¬†www.instagram.com/p/Bkspx5Tny-Z

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