Villa Basico Y de Ejecucion, Girona, Spain

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This villa, in the hills of Girona, is designed by Barcelona based architects Lagula Arquitectes. High sustainable goals together with a high design standard concerning maximum flexibility in layout, lead to the request to use our HOLCON® floor system. We engineered and designed our main HOLCON® system in such way that it becomes suitable for villas. Advantages: large spans without the need of columns or load-bearing walls within the villa; all installations and equipment within the floor-elements. For this project we did a comprehensive structural study in engineering for applying our mini- HOLCON® floor system

Assignment | Bartels & Vedder
  • Study to use the mini-HOLCON® floor
  • 3D BIM  (structural)

Products | Bartels & Vedder
  • mini-HOLCON® floor

Project details
  • Client: Cornerstone Asia


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