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The Stadskas (Dutch for Urban Greenhouse), will be a unique floating experience in Rotterdam.┬áThis floating greenhouse will accommodate a new combination of horticulture in the city, a gathering place, restaurants and retail. It will become a mix of comfortable shopping, growing vegetables, healthy eating and gathering amidst a “wild” and expansive area.

The harbor “Rijnhaven” in Rotterdam is vastly becoming one of the places where different sustainable floating projects will be emerging. Projects that will serve as examples for The Netherlands and to be executed around the world. We are proud to be a part of multiple floating projects, in which our expertise and consultancy is highly required. For this project we engineered a project specific design of our linkable concrete floating cellars.

Assignment | Bartels & Vedder
  • Engineering and Design of the floating linkable concrete floating cellars
  • Engineering and determining stability and draught (depth)
  • Engineering structural design of the floating structure

Products | Bartels & Vedder

Project details

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