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Floating Houses Waalsprong, Lentse Plas, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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27 luxury single family floating houses will be located in the lake in Lent. Balance d'eau has developed 4 types of houses: Aqua 3, Aqua 8, Aqua 9 en Aqua

Global Center on Adaptation (GCA), Rijnhaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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The Global Center on Adaptation is located on the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam.  It is next to the municipal floating park and the Wikkelboats. The office is a timber construction  built

Floating Tiny House, Rijnhaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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There are four Floating Tiny Houses or Wikkelboats 2.0 on the Rijnhaven, next to the municipal Steigerpark and The Floating Office Rotterdam There is a pontoon dat connects the Wikkelboats

Steigerpark (phase 1), Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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A complete development of the area will turn the Rijnhaven into a new part of the centre. For this redevelopment a third of the water in the Rijnhaven will be

The Rose, Floating house, London, United Kingdom

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The Floating house which will also house an office, will be located in the Wandsworth Riverside Quarter in London's Thames. Opdracht | Bartels & Vedder Engineering and calculation of: The

Floating House Humpy Dumpy, Oostknollendam, the Netherlands

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Cold storage warehouse, Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

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A full cold storage warehouse is realized in the city of Oldenzaal, The Netherlands. Having an average footprint of 140m long and 90m wide, it rises about 16,5m high.  

Floating Ferry Terminal, Terengganu, Malaysia

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Schoonschip, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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A large scale floating residential area, existing of all floating villas, is arising in the Johan van Hasseltkanaal, a branch of the IJ-canal in Amsterdam, The Netherland. This floating "district", 

Waterrocks water houses, Zeewolde, the Netherlands

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